# Aura Editions

Aura has three editions, NEAT, EXT and OPEN. The default edition is NEAT. EXT and OPEN editions require a license.

# Comparison of editions

Slicing settings Basic (slicing panel only) Extended Full
Predefined settings For Smooth PA, CFC PA Full set of AP settings Full set of AP settings
User-created settings +
Settings export and import +
Opening Aura projects Only with NEAT settings Only with NEAT/EXT settings Any
Import of legacy projects (.auproj) +

# Premium features

A premium license can be combined with any Aura edition (NEAT, EXT, or OPEN). Premium features include masks, support blockers and enforcers, and CLI (CLI is available for Aura.OPEN only). If you want to upgrade your license to a Premium license, please contact your distributor.

# Legacy licenses

If you've purchased Composer A4 or Composer A3 3D printers before the release of Aura 2.0 (Nov 2020), you are eligible for a Legacy Aura license, equivalent to an OPEN license. Please contact your distributor to obtain the Legacy license.